Tucked up high on a mountainside with a 180º panoramic view of the valley laid out before majestic Lake Nicaragua, ORIGINS is in the heart of Northern Costa Rica’s pristine mountainous rainforest.

With Costa Rica being home to over 6% of the world’s biodiversity while taking up only .03% of the world’s landmass, you are bound to see flora and fauna that will marvel the eye and enchant your soul or in some cases, startle a scream out of you. All joking aside, you might even have the privilege of seeing a few species that are exclusive to Costa Rica.

Whether standing on a rainforest plateau deep in the jungle or relaxing in your personal terrace jacuzzi, our views and surroundings will inspire you!


The picture-perfect and still active Tenorio Volcano reigns over one of the most beautiful secrets in Costa Rica, Tenorio National Park. Hike to the volcano summit along the Lago las Dantas Trail which winds its way through rain forest to cloud forest. This region serves as home to Ocelots, Jaguars and Cougars along with Tapirs, Howler Monkeys, Toucans and Sloths.
The other spectacular sight is the vibrant turquoise waters of Rio Celeste created by the volcanic activity of Tenorio and the sulfur it emits. Costa Rican legend has it that the gods dipped their paint brushes into the river while painting the sky. A hike along this vivid blue river to its waterfall and a soak in several of its natural hot springs will no doubt, have you believing in the ancient legend.


We offer shuttle service to/from both Liberia Airport (LIR) and San Jose Airport (SJO). Car rentals are available at either airport for our more adventurous guests. While the main access road is paved, the immediate road to ORIGINS is a maintained dirt road best suited for a 4WD SUV.


Rent a car from the many rental agencies available around and take Route 6 Cañas - Upala.

Shuttle Service

Private Shuttles are available from Liberia (LIR) and San Jose (SJO) International Airports.

International Airports

Closest international airport is Daniel Obuder Quiros Liberia (LIR).


On-site Heliport is available for private air-shuttles.