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Looking for a nature eco lodge in Costa Rica?

Origins wellness retreat in Costa Rica is the perfect combination of nature and luxury while forgetting all about the modern world deep in the rainforest


Origins wellness retreat in Costa Rica is the ultimate paradise in the mountains. Here, you can relax your body and mind at a level you have never experienced before due to the perfect and precise combination of nature and luxury respecting the surroundings.


Relax in our nature eco lodging suites enjoying the view of the rainforest in its purest form while you soak in the naturally heated jacuzzi. Then, you can head over to El Salto Restaurant, where you will be delighted by our Michelin-starred chef with delicious and locally foraged meals.


We also want you to experience ecotourism in Costa Rica like never before, which is why we offer walking tours to spot some of the many colorful birds that live here. In our birdwatching strolls you will see birds like scarlet macaws, hummingbirds and toucans, all while in the company of an expert who will let you know all about these exotic birds in their natural habitat.


Grab your binoculars and enjoy the song of the Costa Rica rainforest.

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