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Stay in a paradise near Rio Celeste in Costa Rica

A magical eco lodge in Costa Rica awaits you, just some miles away from the Tenorio Volcano National Park, a wellness retreat in the middle of the rainforest.


Picture this: you are dipping in a naturally-heated jacuzzi in the middle of the mountain while you gaze at the unbelievably green rainforest and listen to an orchestra of exotic birds. This could be you staying at one of our eco lodges.


At Origins we want you to enjoy a stress-free vacation and rejoice in the natural biodiversity. Apart from our on-site activities and walking tours into the Costa Rica highland mountain rainforest you can venture to the Tenorio Volcano National Park, a few miles away from here.


In the Tenorio Volcano National Park you will be able to marvel with the picture-perfect volcano which reigns over the scenery. The hiking trail takes you from a rainforest to a cloud forest and along the way you might encounter some of the natural inhabitants: toucans, sloths, tapirs and hummingbirds, just to name a few.


And then you get to the mystical Rio Celeste, formed by volcanic activity and with a celestial legend: When god painted the skies, he used precisely this water to clean his brush. Even if you don’t believe in tales, you will be marveled at the colors in this waterfall.


Are you ready to experience a unique fusion of nature and luxury?

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