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The definite guide for a life of health and wellness, part 2

In the first part of this guide, we talked about health and wellness, and went through the physical, emotional and social dimensions. Today we are focusing on the last three dimensions: intellectual, occupational, and spiritual.


Don’t Be Afraid of Creating

The intellectual dimension of wellness is all about stimulating your brain with different mental activities. We are so numb by the constant imagery fired upon us by social media that we tend to mistake that over-stimulation with being informed or we even use it as an excuse for inspiration without really getting to do anything.

We mentioned the importance of physical wellness in the first part of the guide, and it is important that our minds match our bodies. Pursuing different interests like learning a new hobby, reading a book or even solving problems and puzzles are only a few ways to discover your intellectual potential.


And don’t be afraid of creating. Maybe you don’t think about yourself as an artist of any kind, but just doodling or writing something without expectations will allow you to expand your brain in ways that you might not know you could do so. Who knows, maybe you are an artist on the rough!

Choose A Job You Love!

We are taught from a young age that we should be productive adults when we grow up, and most of the time the “productiveness” is measured in how many digits are in your paycheck. This can take a toll in one’s career decision, most of the time one would give up a “less profitable” career as opposed to the one they like the most simply because society demands you make more money so you can spend it in this capitalist system.

The occupational dimension of wellness is all about doing what you like and doing in it in a way that is gratifying for you, and not only because you are bringing the dough, but because the values and beliefs match your own and you are genuinely happy to do it.

The mantra for this dimension could be this famous saying: “Choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life” this doesn’t mean you’re never having bad days, but that you are content and satisfied with your contribution to society.


You Don’t Need Religion To Be Spiritual

As society grows and people start being more informed, the concept of spirituality is further away from practicing a religion. You don’t have to be a religious person to get in touch with your inner self, this dimension is about our search for meaning and purpose in our existence.

The path towards the spiritual dimension is about trying to be at peace with oneself and our emotions, recognizing and accepting them at the same time as we understand where they are coming from —like in the emotional dimension—.

You will encounter doubt, fear, despair and disappointment but you will also experience joy, pleasure, happiness and, most importantly: discovery. Discovery of your own inner self. And you’ll know you are on the right path when your actions become more consistent with your beliefs and you start being more true to yourself, which is the ultimate goal.


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