Wellness Program

Experience the ultimate in Wellness Travel at

these exclusive Costa Rican properties

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Depending on your arrival time in Costa Rica, you may take a local flight to Puerto Jimenez or Golfito the same day. Or you may need to overnight in San Jose and take a local flight the next morning. Once in Puerto Jimenez you will meet with one of the guides from Playa Cativo Lodge to take a boat across the Golfo Dulce. Depending on the season you will see some dolphins and whales.



Immerse in Nature at Costa Rica's Luxury Beachfront Lodge



Set in the heart of Costa Rica's rainforest on the coast of Golfo Dulce in the Osa Peninsula and accessible exclusively by boat, Playa Cativo is a luxury beachfront eco-lodge offering stunning accommodations in true harmony with nature. This 5 star Costa Rican hideaway is a private and exclusive destination where you can connect with nature.

A Lifetime Experience: As you exit the gorgeous blue water of the open Golfo Dulce, you are met with the outline of an upscale beach lodge nestled within untouched Costa Rican rain-forest, surrounded by perfectly lush grounds and incredible wildlife. It is more a state of being than a place a sense of balance unlike any experienced before.

I will create a sense of peace for the ultimate unfogettable holiday.


Exquisite three course meals are included in your stay.

Sensorial Pathways 1

You will stay in a Luxury Guest Room for three nights and four days.


These open-air rooms are spacious and well-appoi nted. They have stunning views of the ocean and tropical gardens, beautiful bathrooms with rain shower and first-class biodegradable bathroom amenities. A delight to wake each morning to the sounds of the rainforest.

Sunsets at Playa Cativo are magical and Inspiring.

Sensorial Pathways 1


You will wake up in paradise. It is time to enjoy all the beautiful sounds of nature. Toucans, scarlet macaws and many more birds will be singing for you. Howler monkeys will also remind you that you are in the Osa Peninsula. It is exclusive, secluded and peaceful. Be open to receive all the blessings nature has to offer.

During this morning you are invited to take your first private yoga lesson.You can take it before or after breakfast.

This class is designed to help you stretch your body and ground yourself gently.
It is what we call corporal alignment.

The yoga deck is located in front of the beach surrounded by nature.

Enjoy the rest of the morning.

Lunch is served starting at noon

Visitors will experience an original gourmet farm-to-table dining experience

Cooking Class 2

During the afternoon you will visit the beautiful Jungle Spa. A real gem in the middle of the jungle. A signature treat­ ment is included in your stay: "Sana Sana Culito de Rana"

A deeply restorative and relaxing experience to melt away tension. A detoxifying blue zone marine and tobbaco salt scrub reduces inflammation in calves and feet while enjoying a relaxing foot massage an reflexology. This treatment is crowned with Shiatsu, acupressure and swedish massage of the neck, head and shoulders. A total bliss.



We can add a private yoga class in the morning or you can explore the beauty of the property. After breakfast you will partake in a very nice activity: The introduction to the tropical rain-forest guided tour.It is an incredible learning experience.



These activities are included in your stay. Immerse yourself in the Osa Peninsula, where exploring and enjoying nature is our nature.

• Standup Paddle and Cativo Bay Kayaking

• Self-Guided Cativo Bay Snorkeling

• Off-Grid Alternative Energy Tour

• Artisanal Hand-Line Pier Fishing


Say hasta luego to Playa Cativo and get on board to Puerto Jimenez.

After breakfast, the guide will join you on another amazing boat ride back to Puerto Jimenez

The guide will take you to the airstrip where you will do the check in for your local flight back to San Jose, and then a connecting short flight to Liberia, located in the province of Guanacaste.

Once you arrive at the Liberia Airport, you will meet your driver to take you to your next destination.
Driving time is approximately one hour.

Your wellness journey continues... The next destination is the newest jewel in the country, an unexplored area for those looking to be mesmerized. You will enjoy one of the most beautiful views you could ever experience. You have reached Origins Lodge. This stunning retreat is capable of surprising the most discerning traveler.



A new definition of luxury

High up on a mountainside, overlooking the outstretched valley below, ORIGINS offers an exclusive escape into a world shaped by nature and tamed by luxury. An incomparable opportunity for serenity within the wilds of the rainforest is an experience like no other. Where tranquility is part of the hospitality and adventure is in every possibility. ORIGINS is the vacation you have always dreamt of taking! ORIGINS is a connection back to the source of what enlightens and brings wonder to life. Marvel at the bromeliad growing down from the living roofs, delight at the gardens colorfully planted rainbow of vegetables or take a siesta on a hand-carved sofa. You will feel the art of nature wherever you explore.

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Horseback Riding

You will stay in one of the luxury lodges. Inmmerse in lush nature. Each private lodge is an oasis of subtle luxury with unparalleled attention to detail. Spacious lodge of 100 m2 where you can relax on a handcrafted canopy bed while you relish a stunning 180° view over the state, the volcanoes and the Nicaragua Lake. You can also enjoy a relaxing sunset soak in your wood-fire heated terrace bath.

A Michelin-starred chef indulges your day with a gastronomical adventure throughout breakfast, lunch and dinner.


In the morning you will be amazed by the peace that surrounds you. Waking up in paradise can be overwhelming.
A private yoga lesson will be a arranged for you. The Yoga Shala area is an amazing place to relax and meditate.
It is a sacred place where you will feel relaxed, at peace and joyful. Namaste!
Your delicious breakfast will be waiting for you after your yoga session.

Horseback Riding

All of these activites are included to compliment your experience at Origins.
We invite you to enjoy the surroundings.

Horseback Riding / Lake Fishing / Sensorial Pathways / Birdwatching Medicinal Plants Tour/ Flora Tour / Wildlife Night Tour

During the evening you will receive a restorative yoga lesson. This
is the perfect way to end your day

Yoga 3


You will have two private yoga lessons scheduled for you. One in the morning and one in the evening.
During the rest of the day, take advantage of all the included activities.

Sensorial Pathways 1


This wellness itinerary has been designed to bring you a life changing travel experience.
It is an investment in your wellbeing


We invite you to listen carefully to the amazing sounds of Origins while you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea in the privacy of your terrace. It is a simple but peaceful way to enjoy your last morning in this amazing property. The chef will prepare your last and delicious breakfast and you will say goodbye to paradise and the new friends you have made at Origins.

A transfer has been arranged to take you back to the Liberia airport, in Guanacaste. Ideally, this would be your depar­ ture airport as it is only one hour away.


What's included in this unique wellness itinerary:

  • • Meet and greet at the airport in SJO on your arrival
  • • Local flight to Puerto
  • • Boat ride to Playa Cativo with one of the guides from
  • • Accommodations for three nights at Playa Cativo in a Luxury Guest
  • • All meals are included in Playa
  • • Three Private Yoga Lessons.
  • • One Spa treatment at the Jungle Spa.
  • • The introduction to the tropical rain-forest guided tour.
  • • Other tours included: Standup Paddle and Cativo Bay Kayaking / Self-Guided Cativo Bay Snorkeling / Off-Grid Alternative Energy Tour/ Artisanal Hand-Line Pier
  • • Freshly brewed specialty coffees and teas.
  • • Access to self-guided hiking trails of the
  • • A "surprise and delight" in-room amenity.
  • • Concierge services and wi-fi in all rooms and social
  • • Twice daily maid
  • • Boat ride back to Puerto Jimenez with one of the guides from
  • • 10% discount at the Spa (Cativo).
  • • Local Flight to San
  • • Local Flight to
  • • Ground transfer to Origins Lodge.
  • • Accommodations for three nights at Origins Lodge in a Luxury Spacious Lodge of 100 m2.
  • • Full Board with gastronomical breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by the Michelin-starred Che£
  • • Freshly brewed specialty coffees and teas.
  • • Two yoga lessons per
  • • Other tours included: Horseback Riding / Lake Fishing / Sensorial Pathways / Birdwatching tour / Medicinal Plants Tour/ Flora Tour/ Wildlife Night
  • • Transfer back to LIR

What's not included: Alcoholic drinks and gratuities
Hotel in San Jose the first night if you have to overnight
Local flight back to San Jose if you cannot depart from the LIR airport in Guanacaste.

July 1st 2019- December 20th 2019
Price for one person
Price for two people

January 4th 2020 - May 31st 2020
Price for one person
Price for two people

Jun 1st 2020 - December 20th 2020
Price for one person
Price for two people

To book this Itinerary please contact our Wellness Travel Consultant: Isaac Garcia.

Direct USA Line Toll Free 1-844-628-4982 or [email protected]




Local materials

We stay true to honoring our environment by using 100% local materials like adobe, structural bamboo, stones and plants.


Enjoy the luxurious natural comfort of a wood fire pit heated jacuzzi, the simplicity of a floating roof air condition and greenhouse inspired en-suites.



ORIGINS is committed to finding a second life for our used resources even using recycled bottles for the bungalow floors.



Respecting the environment with reforestation, the planting of new vegetation and moving minimal dirt and trees during construction.



ORIGINS Architecture is created to enhance the beauty of Nature.



ORIGINS believes that sustainability begins with engaging the local economy and community.


We believe it’s the little things that soothe the soul and endear the heart. Our passionate staff members and experts are eager to share their knowledge and engage you in fascinating new interests for a vacation truly off the beaten path. We have no doubt; you will leave feeling a kinship to both the people of Origins and the land they represent.
We also invite you to join ORIGINS through our resident program and Woofing opportunities.